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The City Of Southampton Is Unique

Sustainability is at the heart of Southampton’s business strategy. Below the city’s ground are geothermal rocks which provide energy to some of the retail outlets, businesses and venues in the city. Geothermal power is cost-effective, reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

At Destination Southampton we have an Environmental Policy, and we recognize that the events industry can have an impact on the environment at a local, regional and global level. Consequently, we are committed to continuous improvements wherever possible. We recommend suppliers with a good record for using recyclable materials, energy-efficient machinery, and sustainable products.


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Locally Sourced Produce

Local food and beverage produce are key to many of our venues, and in most cases, cheese, milk, ice cream, meat, cider, greens and much more are produced locally and purchased by our venue catering teams.

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Eco-conscious Business

We regularly evaluate how we can reduce our environmental impact, whether that’s through replacing paper-based systems with digital ones or switching to event and business suppliers who can provide a more eco-friendly solution. We also carefully choose which marketing materials really need to be printed, and how many, and encourage our clients to enjoy the digital copies instead of paper-based products.

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Green Thinking & Collaboration

Many of the hotels in Southampton are part of the Southampton & Region Hoteliers Association and whilst environmental and sustainability commitments at each property vary, our city and region hotels are encouraged to:

  • Use local, organic and free range produce throughout their food and beverage departments
  • Recycle as much as possibe
  • Offer room rate discounts for guests using public transport to arrive at the hotel
  • Turn down radiators instead of opening windows
  • Turn guest TV’s off at the power source rather than left on stand-by
  • Ask guests to place dirty towels in the bath if they need to be replaced rather than automatically refreshing all towels
  • Encourage guests to only boil the amount of water required when making tea and coffee in the room

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